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A.H. Nezami, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Over 30 years of impeccable service in the artistry of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Outstanding member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons A.S.P.S and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery A.S.A.P.S.


Welcome to Our Plastic Surgery Practice in Jacksonville FL

Thank you for visiting the Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center. Guided by Dr. Nezami’s aesthetic philosophy, our team believes rejuvenating and cosmetic procedures should highlight an individual’s unique character in harmony with her natural physique. We are committed to helping our patients make informed decisions about their cosmetic plans, and have built our reputation on natural-looking transformations that enhance patients’ self-confidence. We offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical treatments.


Why Choose Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center?

  • Accuracy
    Dr. Nezami’s precision ensures flawless transformation the first time
  • Experience
    Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center has provided over 31 years of impeccable service to the Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra communities. Our patients volunteer impressive testimonials.
  • Natural
    We favor a natural aesthetic. Please view patients’ post-operative photos at your leisure.
  • Personal
    Our patients enjoy personalized care from their first consultation throughout their complete recovery. Dr. Nezami communicates with each patient directly, and handles all pre-operative and post-operative consultations himself.
  • Safety
    We provide the safest possible surgical experience. Located within Baptist Medical Center, our operating suites are fully accredited by AAAASF American Association For Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facility and offer immediate access to the main operating room of Jacksonville’s largest hospital.
  • Integrity
    Our billing protocol is inclusive, competitive, and transparent; we itemize all fees prior to service.



Out-of-Town and Overseas Patients

Dr. Nezami’s international reputation and his prominent listings in several national and international directories attract many out-of-state and overseas patients to our practice. We prioritize the comfort of all our patients; our Spanish and French-speaking staff members are always available and happy to facilitate accurate and comfortable communication. READ MORE >>

More Answers to Common Plastic Surgery Questions

While the careful selection of your surgeon is the most important factor in the success of your surgery, you must remember that the outcome of plastic and cosmetic surgery is permanent. In order to achieve the beautiful results you want, you must become well informed, and share your goals and questions with a surgeon who is fiercely supportive of these concerns. Dr. Nezami is dedicated to providing you honest, clear communication, accurate information on current practices and outcomes, and seasoned counsel.

This website is designed to provide you with a valuable, straightforward resource that will inform and deepen your understanding of the surgical and non-surgical procedures we provide. Please read more on the "Your Safety Matters Most"


In Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Orange Park, and Saint Augustine, breast enlargement is, by far, the most desired cosmetic procedure. For this reason, Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center offers you the most in-depth information on breast enhancement procedures.

Size, Type, and Shape of Breast Implants:

A flawlessly executed breast augmentation incorporates and builds upon an individual’s natural chest shape, muscle tone, skin elasticity, and breast structure. Dr. Nezami considers each of these factors, together with your desired breast size and shape, in order to help you choose the most fitting breast implants for you.

Only you can decide on the size of your breast implants. Ultimately, each person is guided by her own preference. We ask our patients to consider that not all tissue and body structures are equipped to accommodate larger breast implants. In addition, we advise that larger breasts sag more rapidly than smaller breasts.

There are many options and approaches available for breast implantation surgery. Dr. Nezami will help you compare the differences between textured and smooth breast implants. He will allow you to examine samples of round, moderate profile; high profile; and anatomical or teardrop shaped implants, and explain the pros and cons of saline and silicone implants. Dr. Nezami will bring 31 years of experience in breast surgery and patient satisfaction to bear on his expert opinion concerning your individual options. After a thorough explanation of these options, you will be equipped to make the final decision.

Breast Augmentation Incisions:

The surgical incision can be made either in the crease below the breast, or in the outline of the lower half of the areola. Dr. Nezami does not recommend axillary or umbilical incisions. Most of our patients prefer to have the incision made in the crease below the breast.

Placement of Breast Implants:

Dr. Nezami will discuss with you the optimal placement for your breast implants. Each person's anatomy will determine whether the implants should be placed above or beneath the pectoral muscles. Clinical studies indicate that placing the implants beneath the pectoral muscles decreases the incidence of capsular contracture. Also, it is believed that placing the breast implants under the muscles will improve mammographic imaging, since the breast tissue and the muscles are pushed forward. In the long run, placement of breast implants beneath the pectoral muscles will result in a more natural look for many patients.

Breast Surgery Scarring:

A breast surgery incision is meticulously repaired to leave the least visible scar. There are a number of available products, such as vitamin E, Mederma®, cortisone cream, and silicone sheets that can assist healing and help ensure smoother, faster results.