Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options at
Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center

Financing Options available at the Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Choosing the optimal surgical practice requires thorough consideration. While the professional experience, skill, and aesthetic sensibility of any chosen board certified plastic surgeon should be of central concern, often a patient also considers the cost of their procedure and the possibility of financing their procedure. Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center strives to maintain long term relationships with patients, keeping costs fair and transparent.

While researching procedural costs at several practices, a patient inquiry should address all involved costs, including: the surgeon, board certified anesthesiologist, operating room costs, supplies, and follow-up fees. Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center's quotes include all charges for cosmetic surgery. Lab work may present an additional charge for some patients. We will notify you of any needed lab work upon Dr. Nezami's recommendation.

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CareCredit Cosmetic Surgery Financing

CareCredit is a very reputable lender who specializes in financing cosmetic surgical procedures.

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Or, Call CareCredit Toll Free: (800) 859-9975


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Virtual Finance Technologies Cosmetic Surgery Financing

Another great financing option is Virtual Finance Technologies. Approvals are quick and their customer service is outstanding.


Virtual Finance Technologies Cosmetic Surgery Financing


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A Line of Credit allows you to pay an interest only monthly payment of 1% of your outstanding loan balance. Not being obligated to make payments towards both your principal balance and interest can significantly reduce your monthly payment should the need arise. This option offers considerable flexibility and very low and affordable monthly payment that makes financing your cosmetic surgery very affordable!

A Loan allows you to borrow over a period of time such as a 3 year or 5 year term, with a fixed monthly payment plan. Visit Vitual Finance Technologies online to apply and choose the plan that is right for you.


Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery PROVIDER ID NUMBER: 010076490101. (Needed to Apply)