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Permanent Makeup or Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Makeup is a procedure of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into dermal layer of the skin. It is a very precise process and generally irreversible. It is therefore important that you put your trust in the hand of a very well trained Permanent makeup specialist. The end result depends to a great extent on the type of equipment used by the permanent makeup specialist.

Jacksonville permanent makeup In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center we use: The Nouveau Contour Digital 700. This State of the Art equipment is made in Netherlands. The Nouveau Contour is the very first computer-controlled device for the Permanent makeup worldwide. We are the very first aesthetic center introducing this unique "state of the art" system in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach.

The Nouveau Contour Digital 700's control unit assures consistent and stable needle frequency, despite resistance of the skin. The digital control unit will maintain the preset needle speed chosen so that the rate of the needle punctures per second remains constant.

Our patients in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach can have the assurance that with this revolutionary method they will have the highest safety level with their permanent makeup. This permanent makeup machine provides undistorted, accurate and consistent power between the control unit and hand piece despite resistance of the skin

In contrast, in the traditional/analogue machines, used by over 90% of permanent make up practitioners in Jacksonville, the needle frequency, speed of pigmentation placement are controlled solely by plugging the hand piece directly into DC outlet, or power supply.


Jacksonville permanent eyeliner Eyes: Eyeliner is probably the best age defiant procedure available. Keep the color where it makes a difference on the up side. Eyeliner is not a fashion trend: It has indeed been in style longer than any other garment or hairstyle.
The eyes, they communicate, captivate, with incredible intensity. This is where we engage with another’s face. Like a fine painting, we frame them with color and shape the eye making them appear more animated. This is called permanent eyeliner. Permanent eyeliner stays where regular liner can’t go: between the lashes. Lash enhancement is placed between the lashes to provide a magnificent and natural frame that softly surrounds the eye. It’s a WOW to be had.


The eyebrow is the most powerful feature of the face. It is the frame for our eyes. It adds dimension and depth to the face. Our natural brow tends to thin at the arch first with age. The arch gives lift to our cheek bones. With permanent eyebrows you’ll never again have to be embarrassed by leaving your eyebrow on your husband’s shirt. Client’s unique and individual style is designed to enhance her own beauty. Fill in sparse eyebrows, give shape and lift to the arch. (Ideal treatment for anyone with scars, alopecia, old piercing scars, after chemo treatments, over tweezing.) I specialize in color correction from previous permanent makeup treatments.


Jacksonville permanent lip color Defining lips by adding even the slightest amount of color can restore a woman’s confidence in her smile. Most women’s lips will tend to appear smaller and lose their shape with age. Permanent lip color allows you reshape irregular lips. It can restore the lip line after >years of fever blister have long faded your original lip border. (Scar Camouflage also) Some women even notice that when they do wear lipstick, it no longer bleeds around the edges. With permanent lip color, lips can be made to look to younger, appear supple and look dramatically fuller. These results are extremely feminine and youthful.

More Info:

Nouveau Contour and Permanent Makeup

Nouveau Contour brings simplicity to the complicated color theory. It takes the guesswork out of selecting the right colors. For every Pigment Color Nouveau Contour provides a detailed chart with all the relevant information.
The key to a successful permanent makeup is selection of the right color for each skin tone. With Nouveau Contour it is easy to select a pigment color to any skin undertone;
Warm, cool or neutral is clearly described. Nouveau Contour provides cross-references to other colors to achieve a lighter or darker appearance of a color. It will give cross-reference to cool down a color or warm up a color.
To reach the best permanent makeup, Nouveau Contour recommend what needle speed and needle configurations should be used for each procedure. The result is enhancement of natural beauty or patients in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach.

Candidates for Permanent Makeup or Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Makeup can be the right choice for people that are allergic to cosmetic products, wear prescription glasses, have unsteady hands, or simply people with busy lifestyles that like to look their best all times.
Women in their fifties and older start loosing the color around their lips, the shape of their eyebrows, their eyelashes becomes thinner .To look their best all the time they need to put their makeup practically everyday.
In Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach many of our patients enjoy their outdoor athletic life style; they want to look good, without being concern of running eyeliners or lipstick. They opt for permanent makeup as a practical, time saving option.

Permanent makeup is also used for:

  • Scar Camouflage
  • Areola Restoration
  • Alopecia
  • After Chemotherapy
  • Correction of Eyebrows: Sparse, or nonexistent eyebrows, eyebrows reshaping.
  • Eyeliner and eyelash enhancements
  • Lip reshaping for fullness or correction of asymmetry, Lip lining, full lip color.

Recovery after Permanent Makeup

The recovery after permanent makeup is no more than few hours. We recommend cool compress on the area treated for 15 to 30 minutes. The cold compress will reduce swelling and help the healing.
The treated area should not be exposed to sun, salt water, and swimming pool water for two weeks.

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