The science of skin care, how to have a healthy beautiful skin.

THE SCIENCE OF SKIN CARE, Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center Blog on how to have a healthy beautiful skin.
Written by Deanna Di Natalie, Licensed aesthetician.

On my first consultation with our patients in Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, I explain the importance of 6 steps to take in order to have a healthy beautiful skin. I want to share them with you in my in this blog.

CLEANSE: The removal of oil, dirt and make-up embedded daily on the skin’s surface is essential to maintaining healthy skin. Physician strength cleansers are formulated with the proper surfactants, botanicals and humectants to satisfy all skin types, even sensitive and acne prone.

CLARIFY: It is critical to slough away dead skin cells and encourage new cell turnover. This minimizes pores, smoothes roughness, helps improve circulation and allows for enhanced penetration of DNA repair.

CORRECT: Treatments are crucial in reducing the signs of aging, skin rejuvenation, soothing irritation and combating acne in an aggressive method. Innovative treatments provide the skin with potent doses of repair ingredients.

RESTORE: All skin types crave moisture. Proper skin hydration is essential for maintaining a balanced complexion, improving tone and texture and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles—-ensuring radiant skin, even as it ages.

PROTECT: Combating the sun’s ultraviolet rays with physical broad -spectrum (UVA & UVB) active ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide is imperative in protecting the skin against aging, photo damage and skin cancer.

HEAL: COPPER!!!! IT not only enhances the healing environment, it is critical to the pot-procedure wound repair process, it is one of the most important micro nutrients for tissue repair and is involved in several key functions of the skin.

BREAKTHROUGH SKIN CARES: Introducing Copper Peptide Complex Technology products. These award-winning formulas target photo damaged skin, help to visibly repair damage and revolutionize the way women care for their skin. Copper use provides Continuous and optimized correction with DNA Repair and Copper Combination Therapy Skin Care. Patients are provided with a skin care regimen, encourage compliance through simplicity, effectiveness, and elegant, cosmetically pleasant formulations.

In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, all our skin care consults are complimentary.
Our skin care product is pre selected by myself, based on their effectiveness for my patients. I personally, as well as the staff of our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center try and test most of our skin care products before recommending them to our skin care patients. The price of our skin care products are most often less than what you may find over the counter, due to the fact that we don’t have the marking and advertising expenses of the retail stores.

I am look forward to meeting with you, Deanna and staff. To schedule your consultation  call our office at  904-399 5061. To see before and after photos and read my resume please visit our website at
To read my previous blogs on permanent make up , visit our website and click on blog icon on top of the page.

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