Dr. A.H. Nezami, Simply the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

A.H. Nezami, MD

An article written by Jamie Lober, photography by Mario Peralta in the January/February 2011 issue of Jacksonville Luxury Living magazine.

Dr. A.H. Nezami of Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center is catching the eyes of women nationwide through his stellar website filled with natural looking results.

After being schooled at the Paris School of Medicine, Nezami came to the United States to complete his residency under the two founders of plastic surgery in Jacksonville, Drs. Morgan and Kaye. Morgan was so impressed with Nezami’s work that he asked him to join his practice. And when Kaye retired, he trusted all of his patients to Nezami. “He thought this was a good opportunity, and when we fell in love with Jacksonville, we decided to stay here and practice here permanently,” said Homa Nezami, the doctor’s wife and office manager.

Now in practice for 30 years as one of the most respected plastic surgeons, Nezami always saw the day coming that he would enhance breasts, bodies, faces and skin. Since he was young, he enjoyed building things and doing delicate work with his hands. When asked how his practice is set apart from the rest, the answer was quite simple. “It is just me [the physician] that makes us stand out,” said Nezami. He is in the office almost every day and takes credit for all of the results. Though he said there are little tricks to the trade, he chose not to reveal them and explained that you have to have an eye for it. “You cannot teach plastic surgery to somebody overnight,” he said.

The best possible results are achieved by this talented doctor tailoring the procedure to the patient in the safest way possible — and being connected to the hospital adds an additional sense of safety and security for patients. The idea is not just for the patient to select the procedure, but also for the plastic surgeon to select the patient. Patients are not always suitable for the procedure and may have the wrong expectations. “We make sure the patient really needs and wants it, that it is the proper procedure, and then we get the result they want,” said Nezami.

Nezami prides himself on taking care of the patient from beginning to end. He does not use patient coordinators or physician assistants. “I think patients come to see me because of the result they saw I obtained, not because of my physician assistant or nurse,” said Nezami. Though he describes his staff as well-trained and able to handle a lot, Nezami rarely even leaves sutures to his nurse. “Patients want me to do it; otherwise, they would have gone to somebody else,” he said.

Patients are empowered with knowledge — they first come to the doctor for a consultation, which can take up to an hour, to talk about what they want to have done. Dr. Nezami then examines the area and explains what their options are for improvement. He shares pictures of patients before and after their procedures, and uses drawings to explain how the procedure is done. For example, for a prospective patient seeking breast enlargement, they would see the implants, be made aware of possible complications, and understand when they can expect to look good and be ready to go back to work. A second appointment is scheduled before surgery to see if the patient is prepared, needs any additional tests and to get remaining questions answered. “I want them to know how to take care of themselves before, during and after surgery and what to expect so they come in relaxed and know everything that is going to happen.”

The journey to self-improvement is embarked upon in an extremely comforting environment. “Our staff are caring, understanding and treat all patients as if they are family,” said Nezami. Nobody feels rushed, and when patients fill out comment cards to thank Nezami for taking care of them, they often mention his considerate staff as well.

Often patients have been bothered by a physical defect for a long time, then breathe a sigh of relief after seeing the improvement surgery brings. Nezami does not discriminate but especially likes when he feels the patient already looks good and is just improving upon that. “Anyone who wants to look better and has realistic expectations should come in,” said Nezami.

More often than not, Nezami’s results surpass the patient’s expectations, likely due to his personal care and attention to detail. He has been witness to many transformations as a result of his magical hands and powerful tools. “After a face-lift, patients’ attitudes change — they dress nicer, take care of their hair and face, and almost look like a different person because they see that improvement,” said Nezami. Every body part is enhanced with customized special care. “For breast augmentation, we see patients that come in with their shoulders down looking like they want to hide their small breasts, but once we have done surgery, they walk proud.”

The best plastic surgery is the kind that is unrecognizable, according to Nezami. “You want people to tell the patient that they look good, younger, more proportionate and refreshed,” he said. It comes down to knowing where to pull and how much, what the limits are, where to put the incisions and what to do underneath the skin so the face looks more natural — or how to select the proper size and shape of the breast implant so it goes with the patient’s body.

Nezami’s confidence is booming as he shares that he has never had complications, which usually go along with the territory. “They say if you do enough surgeries, you get complications, but I do not think that is true for me,” he said.

The best part of his job is he can make it seem that he has never had to work a day in his life. “I think my job is not really a job, it is a pleasure,” said the doctor. His results keep him going strong in what he calls an art in human dimensions. He loves that the patients are happy. “They do not have a disease or anything they have to take care of, they are just trying to improve.” In comparing himself to other doctors, Nezami likes his place. “When I have excellent results and happy patients, that makes me happy too.”

Patients look and feel better, have improved self-esteem, and are happier overall because of his expertise and compassion. Nezami is unique in the sense that he follows up with patients, which he said is unusual for a plastic surgeon. Patients who have breast enlargement are checked annually for problems or anything that can be detected early. Often, happy patients will come back for additional procedures or refer their friends. “A good percentage of the people of Jacksonville are in my population already,” said Nezami.

Aside from getting a consultation to learn more, Nezami recommends sun protection. “The sun does a lot of damage to skin, so you should put on sunblock half an hour before you go outside and not just wear a shield on your face.” If you have been contemplating a procedure and are looking for the right person to turn to, look no further than Dr. A.H. Nezami.

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