Your First Visit To A Plastic Surgeon’s Office: What you should know, what to expect and what questions to ask.

Written by Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center

Based on the past 31 years experience in Jacksonville, our analysis of what the patients need to know during their first visit with their cosmetic surgeon is summarized in this blog.  In our future blogs we will walk you through important things that should be covered in your pre-operative visit, surgery and follow-ups for each cosmetic procedure.

Patients that do their homework before coming to a cosmetic surgeon’s office usually   benefit the most from their consultation with their cosmetic surgeon. They already know the relevant questions to ask, in addition to the questions typical to their own particular case.

When you walk into a plastic surgeon’s office, you will be ask to complete a patient information form and tell about your health and past medical and surgical history and your current medications. However, there are little nuances that can tell you something about the type of practice. The setting of the office is relevant; you can assess if you feel more of an atmosphere of a business office or a private plastic surgery practice. How you are first greeted and invited to the examining room will be an indication of the quality of the staff and the type of service that you can expect after your surgery.

Remember the purpose of your first visit is not only to learn about your procedure of interest and whether or not you are the right candidate for the procedure.  Also at this time you will be able to assess your plastic surgeon to see if you feel comfortable with him or her. Thus you must meet the doctor and speak at length with him and not the patient coordinator. Remember cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery; you should be absolutely comfortable with the selection of your plastic surgeon.  The surgeon should first ask you about your area of concern and the improvement that you are seeking, then a complete and detailed examination  must be done to assess your area of concern. The surgeon then should explain the procedure that is best suited for you to obtain the best possible and most natural result. The surgeon should explain to you the procedure, possible complication and expected result and not only what you like to hear, in order to close the sale.  He should show you some before and after photo. The photos are very important to assess the quality of his work. It is helpful to know the number of  complications if any the surgeon has had in the past, and to know how much experience the surgeon has had with your procedure of interest.

Your first consultation is your only opportunity to assess your surgeon. You will have a good feeling if your doctor is taking enough time to answer all of your questions. Is he explaining all the pros and cons of the surgery, does he appear to you as a meticulous and detail oriented surgeon?  Are you rushed through your consultation?  Remember there are no questions that you should feel intimidated to ask. Cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery and you are entitled to know everything that you feel you need in order to make your decision.

The next step is the charge of your surgery. All the charges should be clearly explained and given to you in a written form. It is best not to have any surprises at the time of surgery or afterward.

Cosmetic surgery is not only a surgical technique; it is an art, a very precise art. Every detail is very important and should not be rushed. It is also a surgery and should be done the safest possible way in an accredited facility that has easy access to a major hospital.

Surgery is an irreversible procedure and the attempt to correct it is costly. It is in your best interest to take your time and find the right plastic surgeon with years of practice and  experience.

It is wise to select a plastic surgeon that is board certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery and not a cosmetic surgeon who may be board certified in different specialty. There are other type of physicians that practice as “cosmetic surgeon” and even advertise as “board certified”, but they are certified for different specialty such as family practice, dermatology, dentistry and oral surgery and not plastic surgery

If you have any questions regarding the topic covered in this blog, please call Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center at 904-399 5061.

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