Abdominoplasty- Tummy Tuck: How to use search engines to identify the best expert plastic surgeon

How to use search engines to identify the best expert plastic surgeon for Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck:

Today’s patients enjoy powerful research capabilities via the internet—they can access an entire market, locating the best available choices in any industry. This uncurated deluge of information can become overwhelming. Based on our thirty years of practice in cosmetic surgery, we recommend the following steps on how to use Google and other search engines to best advantage:

1. Do a Google search for “Jacksonville abdominoplasty ” and ” Jacksonville Tummy Tuck”. Plan to investigate at least 5-10 practices.

2. Go directly to each surgeon’s abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) before and after photos. Each practice should display at least a dozen before and  after photos. Plastic surgeons are proud of their work, and are eager to exhibit numerous before and after photos of their tummy tuck surgeries. Therefore, one should exercise caution with a practice that exhibits only one or two before and after photos. (The only exception is facelift, as fewer facelift patients are willing to show their faces on the internet and they want to remain anonymous. The documentation of body procedures is a more anonymous process, and therefore encourages satisfied patients to share their experiences in order to help others make informed decisions).

3. Understand that the first surgical practices to appear in a Google search are simply the practices with the best search engine optimization (SEO) consultants. This has nothing to do with their quality of care, surgical expertise, products, or experience.

4. After narrowing your search to include the top five practices exhibiting the best before and after tummy tuck photos, read patient testimonials. Satisfied patients go into detail about their tummy tuck or other cosmetic surgery experience. They will speak about their relationship with their plastic surgeon, staff, accessibility, their own recovery, etc. This step should narrow your choices to the surgical practices with the most positive patient testimonials.

6. Research your prospective doctor’s online reviews. After narrowing your search to two or three excellent plastic surgeons who excel at the tummy tuck procedure, make in-person appointments at each office. At these appointments, explain your objectives and concerns. Evaluate the doctor’s level of concern and interaction, and establish that he will answer all your questions. He should thoroughly explain the surgery and help you manage and frame your expectations. A confident surgeon will never make you feel rushed; he clearly and transparently explains your financial obligations. An excellent practice is completely supported by its helpful, informative, and courteous staff.

7. Digest what you have learned. Allow yourself a few days to make your best decision in selecting an exceptional plastic surgeon for your tummy tuck procedure.
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