Breast Augmentation with Saline or Silicone Implants, Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Blog explains differences between saline & silicone implants.

Written by A.H. Nezami, MD, founder of Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center

In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center we want all our patients undergoing breast augmentation (augmentation mammaplasty) breast enlargement or breast enhancement with implants to be completely informed of all their options. I spend a lot of time with my patients to explain all the aspects of the breast augmentation procedure that they are considering. An adequate knowledge of the procedure and the differences between saline and silicone implant is necessary in order for the patient to make an informed decision and correct choice for their cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. Breast enlargement is an important decision since they have to live with those breast implants for years.

Although both types of implants are similar in appearance when placed on the table, the saline implants and silicone implants are very different.

The outer shells of saline or silicone implants are made of silicone. The saline implant has an injection port from where the saline solution (sterile salt water solution) is injected by the surgeon during the procedure. The silicone implant is pre-filled by the manufacturer.

Saline and silicone implants are available in different sizes and profiles.  For each size saline breast implant, there is a minimum and maximum fill volume set by the manufacturer. Therefore, the surgeon can go up or down with the volume of the saline, but the volume of silicone breast implant cannot be changed.

After implantation of saline or silicone implants the body forms a scar tissue around the implant (like another cover), this is called “Capsule”.
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