Curious about Botox? Jacksonville’s Dr. A.H. Nezami Explains All You Need to Know.

Jacksonville Botox Blog Provided by A.H. Nezami, MD.  of Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, PA.

Botox is a product called Botulinum toxin, when injected into the muscle reduces the muscle’s activities that cause crease lines. The product is shipped refrigerated to the physician’s office in form of powder. The vial of Botox contain 100 units, the powder is dissolved in saline solution. In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center practice, we dissolve 1 vial of Botox in 1 cc of saline. This concentrated solution makes 100 units of Botox. If more saline is added to the vial of powder Botox for reconstitution, the Botox is more diluted and the effect on the muscle is less for the same amount of cc. injected, or if more cc injected then the effect could be more spread out to the adjacent muscle that we do not want to affect. After the injection patient will see relaxation of the muscles and a reduction of wrinkles in 4 to 5 days.  The effect of Botox injection will typically last 3 to 4 months. Repeated injections of Botox, over time weaken the injected muscles. After Botox injection normal activity can be resumed immediately, no recovery time is needed.

Although any medical doctors specialized or not, dentists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are authorized to administer Botox, to get better and more consistent result it is wise to have the injection done by a plastic surgeon who has experience in the technique and knowledge of the anatomy and function of the musculature and has also a sense of aesthetic result that you want to obtain. Remember Jacksonville, Botox injection is not like any other injection. The injection has to be in a correct location, appropriate depth, and adequate amount of concentrated Botox to achieve the best aesthetic and lasting result and prevent the appearance of frozen face. The physician should be able to assess the strength of the muscle in each patient in order to administer the correct amount of Botox. Otherwise the result may not last or if it is diluted it may spread and cause other muscle weakness like eyebrow or upper eyelid droopiness.

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