Breast Augmentation Consultation: What to expect and how to benefit from your first breast enlargement consultation

First and the most important step is to select the right Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon:
Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
Verify the surgeon’s surgical experiences and years in practice (longer in practice = more experience). Dr. Nezami at Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center has over 35 years experience.
Look at the plastic surgeon’s before and after photos of Breast Augmentation and other surgeries to see if he has an eye for aesthetic, beauty, proportion and symmetry.
The optimal outcome of the surgery depends on the skill of the surgeon, his meticulousness, his selection of the size, and the type of the implant and placement of the implant to give you the best possible result with no complication. It is far better if the surgeon does not rush through surgery. Rushing the surgery and cutting corners will increase the risk of putting the patient through more surgery for corrections and revisions. Read patients testimonials and try to observe how the plastic surgeon conducts the consultation: Did he spend time to explain all that you need to know before breast enlargement? Did he examine you and discuss with you your particular case and what would give you the best possible breast enhancement?
First read our Blog: “Your first visit to a Plastic Surgeon’s Office: What you should know, what to expect and what questions to ask”.
This blog will cover the relevant questions to ask and the important points that you need to pay attention to at your first breast enhancement consultation.
Discuss clearly your expectations of breast implant surgery with your plastic surgeon so he can advise you on what is obtainable and what part of your expectation will not be materialized due to your own anatomy. Each person’s anatomy is unique and has an important role in the outcome of the breast enlargement surgery. For example, if your breasts are far apart from each other, you may not be able to have the cleavage that you thought you would have after your breast enhancement surgery if the breast implants are placed under the muscle and you already have separation. Having a realistic expectation will prevent disappointment after the breast implant surgery.
Size of the implants:
In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, your first breast enlargement consultation with Dr. Nezami will take a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes. During that breast augmentation consultation Dr. Nezami will carefully listen to the patient to understand her goals and expectations from her breast enlargement surgery. He then examines the patient to assess their specific anatomy and often does some measurements to determine the best size , style and profile of the implant for that patient. Most patients already have an idea about the size of their implants. In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center we provide implant sizers, and give our patient various bras for them to try on. This will give the patient a better idea about the size of the implants they would like to have. Some patients need more time to choose, we welcome them to come back with a friend or spouse, and try different sizes in a variety of clothing and spend as much time as they need to make their selection of the size of the implants.
Type of the Breast Implants:
There are different implant profiles available from low profile to very high profile implants. Once you select the size of you implant, Dr Nezami will select the profile suited for you depending on your anatomy. We often see at Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center patients that have their breast augmentation done somewhere else and have implants that are too wide and extend under their arm.
There are two types of breast implants; saline filled breast implants and silicone gel- filled breast implants. Dr. Nezami wrote a blog: “Breast Augmentation with Saline or Silicone Implants, explaining differences between saline & silicone implants”. If you are thin or have minimal amount of breast tissue, Dr. Nezami will recommend silicone implants to decrease the chance of rippling.
There are two major manufacturers of the implants, Allergan and Mentor. There is very little difference between their Breast implants. At Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, the patient is given a silicone implant and a saline breast implant to touch and feel the difference between a saline implant and silicone breast implant. Saline filled breast implants can be used by an 18 year old woman, whereas for silicone gel filled implants the minimum required age is 22 years old.
Breast enlargement Incisions:
There are four different locations of incisions. At Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Nezami with over 35 years of experience in breast augmentation surgery will advise our patient which technique is best for them. In most cases, Dr. Nezami makes the incision for breast enlargement under the breast since the scar is hidden under the breast.
Placement of the Breast Implants:
Breast implants can be placed over or under pectoral muscles. To place implants under the muscle is more tasking on the surgeon but the feel and the look will be more natural. However, for certain patients because of their anatomy, the plastic surgeon will opt to place the implants over the muscle.
Your overall Health:
Your plastic surgeon will ask you all the relevant questions regarding your general health and review your past medical history and make sure that you are a good candidate for the surgery and anesthesia.
Preparation for the surgery and post operation Recovery:
At Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center all the questions related to pre and post operation care are explained in detail at the pre-op visit. All the pertinent information that you need to know for the pre-op and post-op breast enlargement surgery will be covered in detail in our future blog. Contact our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center for any question.
Questions to ask your Plastic Surgeon:
• Where will my surgery be performed? Is the facility accredited and inspected. Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facility Inc.
• How long will the surgery take? You certainly do not want your surgery to be rushed. On average a breast augmentation surgery should take 1-2 hours. At Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center breast augmentation operation performed by Dr. Nezami usually takes about 2 hours. He is very meticulous and perfectionist and uses implant sizer during the operation for accurate and symmetrical pocket formation where the final breast implant will be placed and to assess if the implant selected will give the patient the best possible result. He believes it is worth spending more time to obtain the best possible result with no complications than rushing which could increase risk of complications and need for revisions.
• Who administers the anesthesia? Is an M.D. anesthesiologist, or the plastic surgeon himself or a nurse anesthetist? In our Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center we use only Board Certified M.D. anesthesiologist.
• Will you be able to contact and talk to your plastic surgeon who did your surgery and who will do your follow up after the surgery? At Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Nezami is always available and will do all the post-op follow-ups.
Complications of Breast Implants:
Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure and there are possible complications that you should be aware. Your plastic surgeon should go over all the complications with you. So you can make an informed decision whether or not you are ready to proceed with your breast implants surgery. Ask your surgeon about how often he sees complications after his breast augmentation surgeries? If your plastic surgeon is skilled, experienced, meticulous and careful, and your surgery is not rushed, the rate of the post-op breast implant complications should be very low and rare. In our future blog, we will discuss all the possible complications of breast augmentation with implant and enhancement surgery.
Cost of the Breast Enlargement:
All the charges should be clearly explained to you and given to you in writing. Some practices quote just the surgical fee for the plastic surgeon. Some practices use M.D. anesthesiologist which is safer, but the charge is higher than those using a nurse anesthetist. The charge for saline implants is lower than silicone implants.
All the charges for breast enlargement quoted by Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center, include Dr. Nezami’s surgical fee, the charge for an M.D. anesthesiologist, operating room charges, supplies and follow ups. In some cases, Dr. Nezami requires lab work, which will be an additional $45.00 to $60.00 charge.
After you concluded your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, you ought to be able to answer to the following questions:
•Were you able to develop the necessary level of trust with your plastic surgeon to move forward with your breast enhancement procedure?
•Did your plastic surgeon spend as much time as you needed to answer all your questions? Or did you felt rushed? This step is an important indication on how your actual surgery will be undertaken. Will your plastic surgeon spend as much time as required to reach the best possible result, or will the surgery be rushed?
•Have you been shown a sufficient number of before and after photos of breast implant surgeries done by your cosmetic surgeon?
•Did your plastic surgeon discuss all the possible risks and complications of breast implant surgery with you? Although complications are rare, breast enlargement is an elective surgery; you need to know the complications before making your choice.
•Did you asked how often your plastic surgeon encountered complications and had to make revisions in the past?
•Did you feel pressured into scheduling your surgery?
•Was the fact that you were well informed and had done your homework to learn about the procedure welcomed by your plastic surgeon?
What happens after your breast enlargement consultation?
In our practice at Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center you will never be pressured to schedule your surgery the same day after your first breast enhancement consultation.  But if  all your questions were answered and you feel comfortable with your plastic surgeon’s explanation, surgical ability and you liked his before and after photos of breast augmentation  and enlargement surgery, you may schedule your surgery that day or call later. You may even return with a friend or spouse and try again different sizer implants or talk to Dr. Nezami if you have more question.

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