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Ear Surgery - Otoplasty

Ear Surgery in Jacksonville
by Dr. A.H. Nezami at Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center

Otoplasty provides a surgical option for some individuals who wish to reshape disproportionate or protruding ears. This surgery is safe for patients as young as age five. During the first consultation, Dr. Nezami examines the ears, devises a personalized technique and surgical procedure, and explains this specific approach to each patient.

Patient Preparation

While Dr. Nezami provides specific, detailed instruction at every pre-operative consultation, some preparations are standard. We advise all our patients to avoid taking certain medications and supplements such as aspirin, Ibuprofen and vitamin E. Our patients who smoke should refrain from smoking for at least three weeks prior to surgery, as smoking interferes with blood flow to the skin, and impairs the rapid healing of incisions.


The incisions for ear surgery are usually placed behind the ear. The cartilage is sculpted and bent backward toward the head. Non-removable stitches may be used to help maintain the earsí new shape. Occasionally, some cartilage is removed. Resultant scarring is minimal, and will fade over time.


In order to promote the best molding and healing, the patient's head will be wrapped in a generous bandage after surgery. During the first few days, localized aching can be effectively controlled through medication. Finally, a lighter head dressing will replace the bulkier, post-operative bandages. Patients are advised to engage in light walking as soon as possible, in order to minimize the potential for blood clots and other complications. Typically, patients feel ready to return to light, everyday activities a few days after surgery, and can return to work a few days after this. Heavy lifting, vigorous exercise, and any activity in which the ears might be bent should be avoided until a month of recovery has passed. Most children can return to school after one week, if playground activity can be carefully monitored.


We work with several companies that offer our patients convenient financing at the most competitive rates available. In most cases, patients can obtain approval within 24 hours.