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Liposuction Jacksonville FL

Liposuction Surgery in Jacksonville, FL
by Dr. A H Nezami at Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries at the Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center. Diet- and exercise-resistant or hereditary fat deposits, lumps, and bulges around the body can be treated through this procedure. Liposuction is also often used to treat gynecomastia, which is the condition of enlarged male breasts, and to reduce double chins. Dr. A.H. Nezami aims to sculpt and contour the patient's body to achieve a smooth, natural result. A flawlessly performed liposuction should not create dimpling, indentation, or irregularity in the skin; the skin should appear as though the protrusion never existed.

While there are some variations in available liposuction procedures, they are all based on the principle of reducing fat cells from regions where they aren't wanted. This differs from results that come from staying active and maintaining a healthy diet, both of which can shrink fat cells but don't lessen the total number of them in the body. Also, while standard weight-loss methods may reduce the appearance of fat in any number of areas, liposuction is a focus-driven procedure that impacts localized pockets of fat. This precision is an attractive feature for patients who have one or two areas in particular where fat stubbornly clings despite their best efforts to reduce it.

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Liposuction Treatment Areas

Even a relatively small amount of fat extracted from these areas can make a significant aesthetic difference, as liposuction is not considered a weight-loss procedure, but is used for body contouring purposes. For safety reasons, surgical fat reduction is generally limited to no more than 4 liters per session at most, which represents about 9 pounds of fat. Patients can talk to Dr. Nezami to determine the ideal amount of fat reduction to produce the results they seek, but know that he prefers to not remove more than 2.5 liters per session, again for safety reasons.

Treatment areas by Dr. Nezami for liposuction in Jacksonville FL
Dr. A.H. Nezami is an expert in liposuction. Jacksonville, FL, men and women who come to his practice choose him for his expertise, dedication, and skill. His liposuction technique can reduce unwanted fat from a variety of areas where it can develop and remain in spite of a patient's best exercise and dieting efforts. Liposuction is safe and effective for treating:
  • Double Chin: The neck area below the chin can develop a layer of fat, creating folds that are most visible when the head is tilted toward the chest.
  • Upper Arms: Fat here can contribute to a flabby look, which liposuction helps to slim down.
  • Chest - Pectoral Area: On men, excess fat can lead to gynecomastia, which is the development of male breasts, or "man boobs." Dr. Nezami can reduce these in size, leading to a more masculine chest.
  • Sides of the Torso: Reducing fat that collects at your ribcage, below your armpits, can give you a more trim figure overall.
  • Flanks: Everyone knows about love handles, which can stick out to either side, waiting to be pinched. Liposuction can reduce and contour this area in favor of a sleeker silhouette.
  • Abdomen: This is an extremely common region to target for liposuction, which can reduce that gut, beer belly, or whichever name you have for the unwanted fat that can quickly increase in thi area of your body.
  • Outer Thigh: The fat that accumulates at the outer thigh/hip area causes what are commonly known as saddlebags.
  • Inner Thigh: Fat in this area can make walking physically uncomfortable. Liposuction applied here can help clothes to fit better.
  • Buttocks: Patients who want to reduce the size of where they sit findlipo to be a reliable procedure.
  • Knee Area: Small fat deposits can build up on the inner legs above the knee.
Remember that a tummy tuck at the abdomen or a lift performed elsewhere on the body can address sagging skin and tissue that often accompanies excess fat. Call 904-399-5061 to learn more.

Since the main goal of liposuction is body contouring and sculpting, the doctor will work with each patient to outline a plan that preserves proportion and balance. This may result in a recommended course of action that includes liposuction alone in just one area, liposuction applied to multiple areas, or liposuction combined with other procedures, such as a tummy tuck or lift.

Preparation for Liposuction in Jacksonville, FL

Patients must avoid certain medications such as aspirin, Ibuprofen, vitamin E, and any other blood thinning or clotting medication. Patients who are taking prescription blood thinners will require authorization from their prescribing doctor before cessation. No herbal medications should be taken without the approval of Dr. Nezami.

Birth control pills and hormonal therapy in any form can increase risk of blood clot and more serious complications. Therefore, they should be stopped one month before and one month after surgery. Authorization from prescribing physician should be obtained.

Smoking patients must refrain from smoking at least one month before the surgery, and must continue to refrain for one month afterward. Smoking interferes with blood flow to the skin, which prevents rapid healing and causes tissue loss.


Liposuction will involve one or two small incisions of less than quarter inch each near each target area. The resultant scarring is minimal, and the appearance of the scars may be further reduced with proper skin care. Dr. Nezami also works to place incisions in inconspicuous areas or where they will be hidden by clothing.

Anesthesia and Patient Safety

Liposuction is a surgical procedure used for localized fat reduction. There are three techniques used for liposuction: traditional liposuction, tumescent liposuction, and ultrasound or laser-assisted liposuction. Each of these works on the same principle, in that fat must be loosened or liquefied before it can be suctioned out. We advise our patients to allow Dr. Nezami to choose the most appropriate, safe, and effective technique for addressing their specific issue.

Traditional Liposuction

In this procedure, the plastic surgeon marks the areas where fat unwanted fat is to be reduced. While the patient is under general anesthesia, the target areas are injected with a moderate amount of local anesthetic and adrenaline solution that contracts the blood vessels and further anesthetizes the area. The surgeon makes small incisions near the area to accommodate the cannula (suction tube). Finally, the cannula is directed through the fat deposit under the skin, and the doctor uses a back-and-forth motion to loosen the excess fat and suctions it out.

Tumescent Liposuction

In this procedure, the plastic surgeon injects a patient's target areas with a greater volume of the local anesthetic and adrenaline solution (two to six times as much solution as the volume of the fat to be suctioned). The volume of solution injected causes the tissue in the targeted area to become more firm, but renders precision fat extraction more difficult to assess and achieve due to associated swelling. For this reason, Dr. Nezami prefers to employ a combination of traditional and tumescent techniques.

Ultrasonic Liposuction and Laser Liposuction

In recent years, the technology behind liposuction has undergone some advances, which carry their own sets of pros and cons. The two biggest developments are ultrasonic and laser-assisted lipo.

The ultrasonic method uses sound waves to break down fat cells, which is considered to be less traumatic to the surrounding tissues.

Laser lipo, which began to be regularly used in 2007, employs laser light to melt fat cells. Much like standard liposuction, the laser fibers are introduced where needed via small incisions. The big difference is that once inside, they deploy bursts of heat that target the unwanted fat, but can also heat other tissues and cause swelling.

In both cases, ultrasonic and laser, the plastic surgeon removes the liquefied fat using a cannula. These procedures require as great a volume of injected fluid as the tumescent method in order to cool the tip of the ultrasound or laser probe. This procedure is less strenuous for the plastic surgeon, but the results are often imprecise, uneven, and lumpy due to distortion of the area from the large amount of fluid injected.

Surgical Experience

Power-assisted liposuction is another modern advance, featuring a device that vibrates on its own to loosen fat. This eliminates the need for the repetitive back-and-forth motion that drives the manual forms of lipo.

Duration of Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction surgery can take up to three hours, and is often performed under general anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Located within the Baptist Medical Center Complex, our surgical suite is accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc.


Patients should arrange for a driver both to transport them home on the day of the surgery, and to drive them back to our center for their first post-operative visit. In addition, a caregiver should stay with the patient during the first 24 hours of recovery at home.

Complete recovery from a lipo procedure may take several weeks; the specific time varies from patient to patient. For the most part, patients feel recovered in two to four weeks. Throughout the first few days after surgery, patients experience some localized pain, swelling, and burning sensations that can be easily managed through medication.

We advise our recovering patients to begin walking as soon as possible, in order to reduce swelling and prevent blood clots. Most of the post-operative swelling will disappear between weeks six and eight. Patients wear compression garments to minimize swelling and achieve smoother results. In addition, recovering patients must drink plenty of water, especially within the first few days after surgery.


Candidates for liposuction surgery must be in good health, and neither pregnant nor nursing; there is no upper age limit. The results are better when skin still has good elasticity. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. The best candidates are individuals of normal weight who struggle with stubborn, localized fat deposits on specific areas of their body. Patients should first attempt to reach their ideal weight, and use liposuction to correct the resistant deposits. Patients with firm, elastic skin will achieve the best results.

Points to Consider

  • If you are generally healthy, have already tried diet and exercise without much success, have adequate skin elasticity with no hanging skin, you are the right candidate for liposuction. If you have hanging skin, poor skin elasticity and loose muscles, abdominoplasty is the more appropriate treatment for your issues.
  • Younger patients see better liposuction results because their skin is more elastic.
  • Patients can return to work one week after the procedure and continue to wear a compression garment.
  • Patients should avoid driving for the first five days after surgery or until they are taking pain medication.
  • Showering is not permitted until four days of recovery have passed. Patients may sponge bathe or use a handheld shower.
  • Swimming is not permitted until three weeks have passed.
  • Patients can travel seven to 10 days after liposuction.
  • Our patients undergoing liposuction in Jacksonville, FL, must wear compression garments beginning immediately after surgery. This practice prevents bleeding, and molds the remaining tissue. After 10 days, patients wear a less restrictive compression garment for six weeks. The appropriate usage of proper compression garments secures a smooth and even liposuction result.

Maintaining Liposuction Results

While liposuction is an effective method of quickly reducing unwanted fat, the beneficial results still need to be maintained. Patients must continue to follow a healthful diet and exercise regimen. If patients are unable to practice regular physical activity and eat well, the remaining fat cells left intact may enlarge, growing once again to create bulges and lumps. And subsequent weight gain, if it happens, may not show in the area where liposuction was performed.

Also note that while the area where liposuction is applied will reveal new, slimmer contours after the surgery and recovery, remaining fat deposits may shift within the body after the targeted fat has been removed. Since each of our bodies are different, it is impossible to fully predict the ultimate results of each procedure, but Dr. Nezami is happy to discuss the possibilities and what to expect with each patient who comes to him for a consultation. On the whole, patients express satisfaction with their results and the new shape of their body.

Financing Your Liposuction Surgery

We work with several companies that offer our patients convenient financing at the most competitive rates available. In most cases, patients can obtain approval within 24 hours.

More Than Just Liposuction

While liposuction is ideal for fat removal, it does not address other problems caused by excessive fat found on the abdomen, including stretched-out skin and loose abdominal muscles. Older patients or those whose skin is otherwise not very elastic may find that the removal of several pounds causes their belly to droop and sag, continuing to create the impression of a flabby midsection.

A tummy tuck will address these conditions by reducing excess skin and tightening the muscles. The procedure can be done alone or paired with liposuction for improved results through a single procedure.

The Last Word On Liposuction

Liposuction, like all plastic surgery, is a very personal choice, and one that should be made by a person who understands the costs and benefits of the procedure. It is always a good idea to ask questions, both about the surgery in general and about how it applies to your specific case. Dr. Nezami and his staff welcome patients who are seeking answers as they work to make a change to their physical appearance, from a slight fat reduction in their arms to overall body contouring for a new silhouette.

To learn more about liposuction in Jacksonville, FL, call 904-399-5061 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.