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Accredited Cosmetic Surgery Center in Jacksonville Florida

Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center is a
Fully Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Facility

Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center is designed and dedicated exclusively to Cosmetic Surgery. This exclusivity to cosmetic surgery enables us to ensure that all our patients needs, comfort, safety and privacy are considered and respected.

Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center is fully accredited by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities Inc. (AAAASF).

AAAASF accreditation is your assurance of a hospital quality facility. It certifies that the facility has all the required monitoring instrumentation necessary to ensure a safe operating condition. In order to receive accreditation, the surgeon must be Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and the operating room staffs must provide proof of their qualifications and certifications.

The staff of Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center is well trained and experienced in caring for cosmetic surgery patients. From the moment you enter to our facility until you are discharged you have full assistance one to one patient care of an experienced registered nurse.

Our patients' anesthesia is administered by Board Certified anesthesiologists.

After your surgery a fully trained recovery room register nurse will be at your bedside until you are discharged.

Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center has 30 years experience of managing plastic surgery facility.

Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center accredited operating room suites is one of the most important and valuable assets of our practice. The fact that our operating suites is located within Baptist Hospital Complex, one of the largest hospitals in Jacksonville, enables our patients to have direct access to Baptist Main operating room . Our patients will have assurances that in case of an unforeseen emergency they will have immediate access to Baptist Hospital main OR that is fully staffed with doctors of all type of medical specialties on board and equipped with the latest medical equipment.

In addition of peace of mind, being within Hospital Complex makes it possible for our patients to stay at a private room in Baptist Hospital after their major surgery such as Tummy Tuck, or Facelift . They will be cared for by experienced and trained Baptist Medical Hospital's nurses.