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How to Choose a Surgeon for Plastic Surgery

Consider These Tips From Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Plastic surgery is a big decision, with an outcome that depends greatly on the surgeon physically performing the procedure. There is no shortage of doctors offering their own services for plastic surgery in Jacksonville, all of Florida, and beyond, which is why it is important to take the time and effort to choose the best surgeon for you.

Dr. A.H. Nezami is an expert in plastic surgery. Jacksonville-area residents have come to know him as a professional specializing in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and his more than three decades in the profession have given him keen insight into what patients are (and should be) looking for in their plastic surgeon.

To learn more of Dr. A.H. Nezami's advice in selecting a doctor for plastic surgery, call the Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center at (904) 399-5061 or contact the office online.

The big three

Dr. Nezami notes that the three most important factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon are:

  • before-and-after photos available for review, particularly on the website
  • positive, real-patient testimonials
  • quality post-operative follow-up, with the surgeon providing direct access for discussions and answering questions based on a patient's needs


A doctor's record of successful plastic surgery procedures and satisfied patients is imperative. Anyone considering plastic surgeons should research their credentials, education, safety record, and professional history. Ensure that your plastic surgeon of choice is not just familiar with the specific procedure you are seeking, but is experienced and comfortable with it, as well as prepared for serious complications and emergencies that rarely arise, but are still a possibility in every medical situation.


Is your plastic surgeon licensed? Voluntarily board certified? A member in good standing of national professional associations? Does your plastic surgeon operate from accredited facilities? Work with board-certified anesthesiologists? Maintain hospital privileges at a local facility? A "yes" to all of these questions is important when it comes to ensuring your best aesthetic outcome and continued good health. Be sure to ask all of these questions before choosing a surgeon or specific plastic surgery procedure, and work with someone only if you get answers that satisfy you.


Plastic surgery is a very personal and even intimate undertaking. Your plastic surgeon should be someone who is not just an expert in the field, but is comfortable to be around and who connects with you. You want your plastic surgeon to be invested in you and the outcome of your surgery, not just seeing you as merely another patient.

Always begin any plastic surgery process with a consultation. This is the time to learn about the specifics of the procedure you are considering, but is also when you should be getting a sense of the doctor's personality, demeanor, "bedside manner," and commitment to personalized care. You should both trust and like any person who is planning to provide you breast augmentation, a facelift, or other plastic surgery!

The better your relationship, the greater your ultimate satisfaction will be.


When it comes to your plastic surgery experience, you want every detail to work for you, from the ease of getting in touch with the doctor, to the comfort of the practice's office, to the competency and friendliness of the entire staff, to accurate billing and thorough explanations of cost breakdowns. Plastic surgery is about helping you to feel good and more comfortable, so choose a plastic surgeon who will preserve that feeling every step of the journey.

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