Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Jacksonville
by Dr. A.H. Nezami at the Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center

Beach recreation is central to the culture of Florida, making laser hair removal a popular procedure at the Jacksonville Cosmetic Surgery Center. The most advanced and effective long-term solution, laser hair removal, frees our patients from the hassle of shaving, tweezing, and electrolysis.

Procedure Details:

Under the direct supervision of Dr. Nezami, our licensed Advanced Nurse Practitioner guides the device over the treatment areas. The hand piece directs repeated bursts of light through the skin, targeting hair follicles. The follicles absorb the light and convert it to heat that damages these follicles without harming the surrounding tissues. Throughout the treatment, patients experience a flashing light, a beeping sound, and a mild sensation of heat.

Laser treatment can be performed on most parts of the body except the area surrounding the eyes. As a precaution, protective glasses should always cover the eyes during laser hair removal. Some hair may resist treatment; however, this resistant growth appears much softer and finer in texture.

At our practice, we employ the most experienced technicians and the most technologically advanced laser devices to achieve optimal results. Our FDA approved Lyra Laserscope and Palomar StarLux Laser 500 IPL offer superior hair removal capability combined with the safest, most advanced technology available. These devices effectively treat all skin types, and deliver treatment through the comfort of a chilled window designed to protect the patient's skin.

In response to the increasing demand for laser hair removal, many spas now provide this service, but the treatments are often less effective. In the absence of a supervising physician, safety-conscious spa technicians may lower the intensity of the treatments. A lower setting is indeed safer, but is not so effective as an optimal setting. Achieving the desired effect requires more treatments at the lower setting.


Laser hair removal is most effective for patients with darker, thicker hair. Electrolysis is a more effective option for patients with light or reddish hair. Very few laser devices are effective for patients with darker skin pigmentation; however, our Lyra Laserscope is both safe and effective for these patients.

Patient Preparation:

We advise our tanned patients to wait until skin pigmentation has faded before beginning laser hair removal treatments. Patients who eliminate foods high in beta-carotene at least one month prior to their laser hair removal session achieve the best results. Before any laser hair removal treatment, patients must avoid waxing, plucking, or electrolysis. Shaving and cutting of the hair are permitted, as they do not disturb the hair follicles.

The Necessity of Multiple Treatment Sessions:

There are three stages of development in the human hair growth process. Hairs respond to laser treatment while in the first stage of growth only. At any given time, only one-third of an individual's hair is in this first stage of growth. For this reason, most patients require at least four treatments in order to achieve noticeable results. For optimal effects, we recommend sessions spaced at two to three week intervals. The number of treatments required varies with each patient, and is related to the patient's age, gender, hormonal balance, diet, treatment area, and hair color and thickness.

Points to Consider:
  • Our devices and skilled staff provide patients a relaxing and nearly painless treatment experience.
  • Some patients may experience a prolonged delay of regrowth. They will need to continue laser hair removal treatments at periodic intervals to maintain the result.
  • Immediately after laser hair treatments, patients experience a mild, sunburn-like sensation that may last one hour. This symptom is easily managed through the application of an ice pack or a soothing gel.
  • The effects of laser hair removal appear between seven days to a month after treatment. The hair that was not in an active growth stage at the time of treatment (and thus not destroyed by laser light) will continue to grow.
  • Patients are advised to stay out of the sun for ten days, and should also avoid tanning procedures. We always recommend the use of sunscreen.
  • Patients can minimize skin irritation by using mild soap and avoiding scrubbing the areas treated with the laser.
  • If inappropriate settings are used, laser hair removal can cause pigmentation, skin irritation, or laser burn. A physician should always be present and accessible whenever the treatment is performed, in order to prevent complications following laser hair removal. In addition, the treatments should be performed by a qualified, professional technician.
  • The lengths of treatment sessions vary. For example, upper lip treatments take fifteen minutes, bikini areas take one hour, and legs take about two hours.
  • At our practice, we require that laser hair removal patients be at least sixteen years old.
  • Laser hair removal requires no recovery time.